Research Team

Spring 2017


Amy Schumer (1:47-3:45) she explains how she's really ugly compared to everyone in Miami, and she was kissing on a homeless man.  
Louis CK (4:30-5:24) -- he explains how he is a horrible/evil person because of his lifestyle and driving a fancy car, while others are starving to death and dying.
George Casey (0:50-1:32)
He focuses on physical and psychological effects of aging.
Louis CK (0-2:45)
He makes fun of himself for aging.

Brian Reagan – Stupid In School

Makes fun of his lack of intelligence while in grade school.

Jon Richardson – Live at the Apollo
Makes fun of his own surly, negative disposition.

John Mulaney— “look terrible” 0:00-0:30

John Mulaney—Bad Driver (entire clip)

Louie C.K.- getting fat, 2:50- end

Amy Schumer- puberty, 1:40-2:50

Kyle Kinane (0:00-2:09)
Kyle Kinane talks about having gout and how it’s a stupid disease that he deserved for getting too many menu items with the name “rodeo” in the description.

Emily Vascotto (0:43-3:00)

Emily Vascotto talks about being a stalker and having men put restraining orders on her.

Trevor Noah (2:55-3:50)
Talking about coming from South America to America and becoming “Black.”

Ryan Hamalton (end 1:57)
Talking about his overly exaggerated smile.

Sarah Millican (entire clip)

Kevin James (entire clip)

Adam Growe talking about how he’s not cool (entire clip)

Ryan Hamilton making fun of how he always looks happy but isn’t (o:00 to 3:07)

Nina Conti (entire clip)

Funniest Ever Stand Up Comedians On Got Talent - YouTube